If you are having trouble composing an informative email, here are some of the things We’d like to know:
Where do you live? (address, city and state) We’ll need this info for my records if you decide to buy a puppy from me, and it also helps us share information about visiting, the best route to drive, or where to fly into etc..

-Do you have a house, mobile home or apartment?
-Own or Rent?
-If rent, the name and phone number of your landlord?
-Does it have a fenced yard to play in, or do you have to take them to a park to play?
-What sort of temperament are you seeking? Affectionate, attentive and cuddly; always in your shadow and under foot? Or more independent; likes attention but when they’ve had enough move on to something else? High energy? Or low energy?
-Do you have an active ho,Ed with people coming and going? Rowdy kids? Go on lots of adventures? Or do you have a quiet home with only rare visitors and few outings?
-Have you looked into your local puppy classes and/or intend to join with your new puppy? (please provide the name and contact info for the trainer).
-Do you have other pets? (how many and what kind?).
-What is the name and phone number of your veterinarian?
-Do you have any other references? (We’ll need their names, addresses, phone number and email addresses)
If planning to show:
What is the name of your local Kennel Club?
What is the name and email address and phone number of your mentor?
What extent of show experience do you have? (AKC? or UKC? Or CKC (Canadian)? How many dogs have you shown? how many points do they each have? and have you finished a champion title on any of them?).

Will you be flying or driving to pick up your new puppy? Or would you need delivery arranged? (hand delivery is much more expensive).
we have been lied to in the past and because we did not verify, we sold one of our championed males to a woman who had been running a con on me for the better part of a year. I thought we were good friends and she bought him on payments and we trusted her to continue making the payments so we sent her the dog before he was fully paid for. After she received him, we lost all contact with her. Upon doing some investigating, we found that she had been homeless the whole time we had been talking. She gave me a bogus address, that we looked up on google earth. There was a nice house there, but it turned out to no be hers. She lived in a mini van and parked in a Kmart parking long during the day to let her 8 dogs out of their crates to play and potty. They all slept together in the mini van at night, in a homeless camp. She had been hospitalized twice in 6 months time, where the dogs were held for her at animal control. We hired an attorney and after much back and forth with the courts and the authorities, we found that because she was homeless and could not be found and served court papers, we could not sue her and even if we could get her served and won the case, she would have 30 days to either pay up or return the dog — 30 days to disappear with my dog. She had me believing that she was a breeder of 40 years and had many champions and during our investigation, AKC informed me that she had not registered any litters, registered or transferred any dogs or participated in any AKC events in over 5 years. She has not tried to transferred the dog we sold her with AKC, yet is raising puppies out of him. (We’ve signed his papers as a co-owner, so we would be notified if she every tried to register him). We’ve also reported his microchip as missing, so that if he ever ends up in animal control again, hopefully We’ll get a call to go get him. To avoid being put in any similar situations again, We will verify the answers to my questions before moving forward with selling you a puppy. We will no longer just take someone’s “word” on anything and we won’t be offended if you think its too intrusive and decide to look elsewhere. In turn, we hope you won’t be offended by our “trust issues” . Have a great day