BUYER BEWARE: please let me explain what it means to be APRI to r APR registered.  The two are the same company.  They register mix breeds (hybrids they call them, but hybrids are a mix between species so they use the terms because it sounds better than “mutts”).

APRI also register dogs from people who have been suspended or expelled from AKC.  Breeders get suspended and expelled from AKC for unethical behavior, light fraudulently referring dogs or screwing over clients, not adhering to agreements and such.

They register dogs for people who have been convicted of animal abuse and are no longer allowed to ow  dogs (who the hell wants to be associated with that??!!??)

APRI also registers dogs who have been bought with limited registration and are not sold for breeding.  Maybe they have a heart murmur or luxating patellas or the buyer lied about just wanting a pet.  But people who do this are unethical on the highest level! If they won’t honor their agreements with the breeders of their dogs, why would they honor their agreements with you? Dishonest people don’t change their stripes just because it’s you they’re talking to, they just hide them.

I just registered a large litter of FIVE with AKC it it cost me a whopping $38.  If anyone tells you it’s “cost prohibitive” to register with AKC, they are LYING!  And what else are they willing to lie about??  They say they want to pass on the saving to buyers?  Well an average litter is 3, so they’re saving you a whole whopping $11 bucks! (Registering a litter is $28 plus $2 per puppy, so divided $34 by 3 puppy’s = 11.33333).

Then if they don’t health test either, they are even more unethical.  This is explained in detail on my health testing page. 

I realize that finding puppies is still difficult coming out from Covid and the sky high demand, but if you support unethical breeders who register with APRI, your taking a huge risk of getting a pup from a someone who’s been expelled from AKC for fraudulent behavior that could defraud you as well.